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Automatic Door

Automatic doors are doors that are used in areas where entrances and exits are dense and that can be opened and closed automatically by detecting the people who will pass. In the system, also known as automatic sliding door, photocells are placed on the upper part of the door. When using automatic doors, people do not need to make any contact or spend power. In this system, the door opens automatically and closes automatically after entering or exiting. In this respect, it provides advantages in various issues, especially in hygiene.

Automatic doors increase comfort in every area where they are used. Made of glass or visible stainless steel, these doors provide a very easy passage. This system, which is quick and effortless to use, adapts to all decorations. The continuous appearance of the business image of high quality and new only depends on the use of Automatic Doors. It is preferred especially in places where entrance and exit are dense, with its extremely quiet and practical operation feature. Types of automatic doors that slide in the opposite direction to each other are generally preferred. These doors both take up little space and work practically. Apart from these doors, there are automatic door models with rotating, single wing, circular and oval forms that can be preferred according to the area.

Automatic door systems, which add an aesthetic appearance to every area, do not disturb the eyes thanks to their thin profile structure. Since it is produced in designs suitable for every structure, it both adds functionality and supports aesthetic appearance. Automatic doors are generally used in places with heavy visitors such as shopping malls, hospitals, cafes, markets, fuel stations.

Designed for transparent and inviting spaces

Automatic sliding doors provide energy savings by quickly separating the indoor and outdoor air environment from each other in places where human entry-exit circulation is intense.

Increases indoor comfort. It helps to create an aesthetic appearance on the facades.

Thanks to its thin profile structure, it does not disturb the eyes. With its opening options suitable for the architectural structure of the buildings, it adds functionality and supports the aesthetic appearance.

Often; Models that slide in opposite directions to each other are preferred. Small footprint and fast work are preferred. Apart from this, there are options such as single wing, circular opening, rotating, oval form.

One of the most used door systems today is automatic doors. It has a large number of visitors, especially in shopping centers; Automatic doors are generally preferred in hospitals, restaurants, cafes, fuel and markets.

Why should I choose?

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Frequent Use

Reduced friction: Silent and reduced friction thanks to the polyamide 3-wheel running on the aluminum rail, and can work up to 2,750,000 times thanks to the Brushless® DC motor. DC motor can work up to 80% as soon as it gets hot.

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High Insulation

With its speed of up to 2 meters per second, it opens quickly and closes immediately when it detects no movement. In this way, you will not let the conditioned (heated, cooled, humidity-balanced, etc.) air indoors escape.

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Thanks to the moving parts with reduced friction, it can serve for a long time without maintenance. It can work even longer with changing parts (rail profile, wheel group, guide) in 500,000, 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 operations.

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Adds Value

Photocell door provides added value to the buildings where it is located. It is more valuable than buildings without photocell doors, thanks to its aesthetic appearance, energy conservation and creating inviting showcases. You can contact us to increase the value of your building.

Mechanism Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doors made of glass or visible stainless steel glass, used in areas where entrance and exit are dense, are called photocell door systems. These doors, which are produced to provide both a practical passage and energy saving, open automatically by detecting the person who will pass. Therefore, there is no need for contact or physical force to open the door.

Automatic sliding doors have many types, including revolving, single-wing, circular and oval shaped. It is also produced according to the area to be used, the material and the wishes of the consumer. For this reason, it is not possible to give clear information about photocell sliding door prices.