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Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial sectional doors are used to close areas with wide spaces such as factories, warehouses, warehouses, fire doors, car park (garage) doors. They are the doors preferred by many companies for reasons such as high security, heat insulation, sound insulation and high air insulation. It can be produced in special design and color according to the architectural features of the buildings. It works by sliding upwards of insulated panels stacked on top of each other horizontally.

Industrial sectional doors are surrounded by dust wicks on all four sides and are equipped with many safety systems. Doors, which can be produced in a suitable size for every building, provide long-lasting use because they are of high quality and useful structure. Sectional doors, which provide high comfort for areas such as factories and warehouses, positively affect work efficiency. They do not cause a disruption in the daily work flow of workplaces due to reasons such as being able to open quickly and creating space loss when opened.

It can be produced in two types as automatic and manual. In automatic sectional applications, the door can be opened with a remote control, loop detector, radar, safety photocell, switch and pneumatic safety system. Moreover, the motors of the doors are produced as manual rope and chain calaskal system. Thanks to this feature, it becomes possible to manually open and close the door when there is a power cut. Sectional doors have a spring break safety device and a rope break safety device to prevent falls and injuries. Thanks to these features, it provides occupational safety and security.

The most prominent features of sectional doors, which are seen as the biggest innovation of recent years in the door sector; fast opening, not causing loss of space when opened, superior sealing with rubber wicks on all four sides, strength of galvanized steel in the door body and insulation values ​​of the high-density polyurethane material inside.

They can be manufactured according to the building structure. By using the space between the upper level of the door and the ceiling in the most appropriate way, they are slid into the rail. There are different bedding alternatives according to the distance of this gap. They can be applied manually and motorized.

As it should be in all mechanisms that move against gravity, it is standard in sectional doors, as well as in doors where we apply a rope break safety device and a spring break safety device against falls and injuries.

In addition, an optical sensor that cuts the door movement with the contact of the lower edge of the door with an object or a person, or a pioneering photocell that provides contactless stop are offered as standard.

Why should I choose?

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Maximum Insulation

The high density polyurethane filled sheet panels between the panels provide a high level of insulation. It does not create a thermal bridge as there is no contact between the inner and outer sheets.Thanks to the rubber gaskets positioned on the sides, bottom and top, heat and air passage are prevented.In window applications, it provides insulation thanks to the air gap created between the double plexiglasses.It provides more insulation thanks to the air gap created by the optional double layer edge gaskets.

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Quiet and Fast

Sectional doors; It provides movement thanks to polyamide wheels in galvanized side rails.It has a low friction coefficient as it does not cause metal to metal friction at any point of the door.It works fast and silently thanks to the tandem (double) wheel used in applications with fast motors.Long-life wheel system provides an efficient total usage time thanks to low maintenance costs.

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Maximum Space

Sectional doors; Thanks to its working logic, it enables the whole area to be used with up/down movement.They do not take up space at opening/closing time like swing or folding doors.With rail options compatible with the building structure, they provide lossless space along the working line. They work by making vertical movement according to the height of the building.Thanks to the advantage of the vertical working system, the whole area can be used inside and outside the door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sectional door prices vary according to personal preferences, architecture, size and quality of materials used. After the exact dimensions are determined and the door model is selected, a net price is determined. For this, you can contact us and get detailed information.

Door systems consisting of sandwich panels manufactured using polyurethane are called sectional door systems. These doors are produced in a very robust structure for security, heat insulation, sound insulation and sound insulation measures. It protects the area where it is located from hot-cold air flow, moisture and dust. Sectional door systems made of high quality materials are highly resistant to friction and impacts.