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Automatic Garden Gates

OAutomatic garden gates are doors that provide superior comfort by opening and closing automatically when approached. These doors, which work with springs or electrical power and do not require any contact, provide convenience to the user. It is designed to turn many structures such as buildings, sites, detached houses, workplaces into more sheltered and useful areas. The types of automatic garden gates that open automatically or are used as sliding can vary according to the area used.

Although automatic garden gates with a sliding mechanism are mostly preferred, they are produced for the needs and expectations of the user. Double sliding systems, which offer a special appearance, consist of telescopic mechanisms that open by interlocking. Thanks to the mechanisms placed without a rail, it automatically folds and slides to the side. This door model offers both safe use and aesthetic appearance.

Another model produced for gardens with narrow entrances is circular automatic doors. In this door model, single wing and double wing applications are made with classical hinges. Circular automatic doors, which offer easy and safe use, provide maximum openness to the user. They are very useful systems in accordion doors that take up less space and can be folded. These structures, which are produced according to the size of the garden entrance and the ground structure, are easily mounted. With door models that have a stylish and unique appearance, both security and an aesthetic appearance can be obtained.

Sliding and Circular Garden Gate Automation

Automatic Garden Gates are applied to automate the garden entrance gates of sites or detached houses.

Different products are used according to the way they work. When you come home, without getting out of your car; You can enter your garden without being affected by external weather conditions such as rain and snow. In addition to providing comfort, it provides extra security as it allows the door to be locked.

Mostly, classical side-sliding mechanisms are preferred, apart from this, double sliding systems, telescopic mechanisms that open with each other, non-rail mechanisms that work without rails on the floor, and folding side-sliding mechanisms as a special solution are also applied.

Circular doors, on the other hand, are used as single wing and double wing with classical hinges. Apart from this, maximum opening can be achieved with the so-called pin hinged mechanisms. Folding circular doors with accordion-like working logic are also among the solutions of our company. Garden gate automation offers comfort and security together, you can contact us immediately to meet the comfort of automatic gates.

Why should I choose?

If there are children in the car, there is a possibility of problems. Maybe it happens once in a lifetime, but when it comes to life, it can cause serious stress. Children may lock the door or play dangerous games when you leave the car. Remote-controlled door automation will also prevent possible dangerous situations caused by children.
Whether your guests have arrived, you can command your door with standard remotes or long-range remotes or with the application of your smart phone, whether in your detached house or community site. You can either open it until the pedestrian crossing or open it completely for vehicle entrance. You can see the position of your door with your BiDirectional® remote.
Sometimes it can be very long. For example, when you need to go to the hospital for the birth of your spouse, the 10-15 seconds you wait while the door opens may seem too long. With HS Series fast motors, this wait can be shortened by 40%. Moreover, thanks to the smart application with GeoLocation®, your door will open when you get as close to the door as the distance you set.
An automatic gate increases the value of your property. It raises the perception of security. Thanks to the reducer in the motor systems, your door is locked as soon as it is closed. It cannot be opened manually. It won’t open unless you take it manually with the key or press the remote.
Perhaps the biggest advantage of automatic garden gates is that you can pass through your gate without being affected by outside weather conditions. In rainy weather, you can give a command to your door from inside your vehicle. If you want, you can even do it by talking to your car’s CarPlay® feature with Siri®.

Control by Smartphone

Wouldn't you like to see your door open waiting for you when you come home? Or checking that your door is closed when you're not home. With Nice, you can control your door from anywhere and monitor its status. Whether with a smart phone or a smart watch. When you approach your home by speaking to Siri® or using your location information. Now a single app is available for Android and iOS.

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Garden Gate Working Options

YA KlasikIt works by sliding to the right or left by means of wheels on the rail. During the door movement, it moves between the console by the guide wheels. In the direction of door opening, more space is needed as much as the door length. Calculation should be made with 30% more friction than winged doors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic garden gate prices may vary depending on the size of the garden entrance and the model of the selected gate. The quality, length, weight and design of the doors are also produced according to user requests. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about a fixed price. However, there are automatic doors that will appeal to every budget and every taste.

The sliding garden gate can have different weight and length depending on its design. The choice of accessories can be increased according to the design and the place to be used according to the user's request. Because of this, it slides garden gate prices may vary. For this reason, it is not possible to talk about a clear price for a sliding garden gate.