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Automatic Garden Gates

If there will be intensive use at the door where the motor is used, DC motor should be preferred. AC motors are not recommended for doors that require frequent use.

Garden gate motors can be opened and closed manually in case of power failure, by taking them to manual with locked manual apparatus.

In the door weight calculation; The area is calculated by multiplying the length and height of the door. This area is multiplied by 25 kg/m2 ~ 60 kg/m2 according to the door feature. According to the model of the door, the weight should be learned from the manufacturer. By adding 30% friction to this calculated weight, the engine that can be applied can be decided.

Motor selection in garden gates; firstly, it is determined according to the frequency of use, secondly, the weight of the door should be determined.

Garage Doors

Roller garage doors; It can be opened manually in case of power failure. If a gearmotor is used in the system, it can be manually raised and lowered using the gear reducer handwheel. Against theft, the point where this reducer turning arm is connected can be protected with a locked storage box.

There are 11 different color options for aluminum polyurethane filled profiles used in roller garage doors. These are divided into solid colors (White, Grey, Brown, Metallic Grey, Cream, Light Beige etc.), effect colors (Bronze etc.) and wood texture (Golden Oak, Hazelnut, Walnut, etc.). The side rail and collection box of the door can also be applied in harmony with these colors or exactly the same.