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Automatic Garden Gates

Automatic garden gates are doors that provide superior comfort by opening
and closing automatically when approached.

Automatic Door

When using photocell doors, people do not need to
make any contact or spend power.

Shutter Systems

Automatic shutter systems used in homes or workplaces
provide high security by closing windows and doors.

Sectional Door

Industrial sectional doors are used to close areas with
wide spaces such as factory, warehouse, warehouse,
fire department doors, parking lot (garage) doors.

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    What is an Automatic Door?

    Automatic doors are doors that detect the person and open automatically when approaching the transition area. These designs, which are usually made of glass or stainless steel, provide an easy transition to the user. It opens without the need for physical power during entry or exit. These doors are preferred in hotels, hospitals, markets, airports, shopping centers and many other businesses. Because photocell doors provide various advantages to the user.

    First of all, it offers advantages in terms of hygiene, since no contact is required to open automatic doors. It provides ease of use especially by disabled users. Disabled people do not have to contact with photocell doors or apply force, so they provide an easy passage. The fact that the door is opened and closed by sensing the user also protects the ambient temperature. At this point, the use of automatic doors minimizes heat loss.

    Automatic garage doors, on the other hand, when entering or exiting the garage; It allows you to open and close the door without getting out of the vehicle. This convenience provides the user with superior comfort and security, especially considering bad weather conditions. In addition to the advantages such as securing the vehicle against theft and protection from bad weather conditions, it adds an aesthetic appearance to the garages.

    Automatic garden gates, which are preferred in apartments, complexes or detached houses, are also systems that provide significant convenience to the user. Preventing strangers from entering, opening without contact and adding a beautiful look to the garden are just some of these conveniences.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Shutter systems are structures that protect doors and windows in workplaces against negative interference from the environment. Shutters, which provide good protection against thieves, are used by almost every office owner. Shutter systems can be operated with a remote control or a wall-mounted switch/button. There is no need for physical power to open or close these automatic systems.

    Blind systems are a system applied on doors and windows. This system, which is made on the aforementioned surfaces, can be processed in horizontal or vertical profiles according to demand. Thanks to these systems, even if the doors and windows remain open, they can be taken to the closed position. It offers the user a quality life due to its aesthetic appearance and functional features.