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Automatic Blinds Systems

Automatic shutter systems are products that enable areas such as doors and windows to be moved with a special automation program with a remote control or button. In addition to providing security in areas such as workplaces, stores, warehouses, it is also used for sun shading and isolation. These systems, produced for door and window fronts, are formed in horizontal or vertical profiles. It is produced in designs suitable for every structure, and the shutters can be closed even if the doors and windows remain open. Shutter systems produced both manually and automatically meet the needs of every user.

Automatic shutter systems are products that work with tubular motors. The automation system in the tubular motor automatically adjusts how much the shutter system should be raised or lowered. As soon as the button is pressed, the louver stops at the set length. Curved forms provide an aesthetic appearance as well as creating a mechanical advantage. It is produced to provide the best protection from climatic conditions such as wind, rain, sun rays and snow. In addition, thanks to the foam between the aluminum plate, it also provides heat and sound insulation to the area.

Blinds systems, which also provide protection against bad interference from the environment, ensure the security of the property at the highest level. It protects the property with its locked stop feature, especially when the automatic shutter systems are in the closed position. Whether you prefer automatic or manual; You will have made the right choice for the safety and aesthetic appearance of your property.

They are mechanisms where you can really find Safety, Aesthetics and Air Conditioning functions together. Shutter Systems provide up to 40% thermal insulation when applied correctly.

Security: It is the most functional solution that can be applied for housing security. It is the most suitable solution for security concerns, especially since motorized systems can lock the system by means of motors. In addition, it is often preferred in terms of being an openable security system.

Safety: Curvilinear forms; In addition to providing mechanical advantage, it also allows you to capture aesthetically pleasing appearances. Air Conditioning: They are produced to provide maximum protection from climatic conditions such as sun rays, rain, wind, snow. Thanks to the high-density nature-friendly foam (polyurethane) between the aluminum plate, it provides significant heat and sound insulation.

Blinds According to the way they work; they can be applied with motor and manual, Application details, according to the building structure; It can be externally boxed or hidden boxed (monoblock). It provides solutions for all facade applications with fifteen color alternatives, four of which are wood textured.

You can contact us for the blind needs of your building, and you can learn about our blind prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are varieties of shutter systems applied to doors and windows. These systems are produced both automatically and manually. While it is a manual shutter system that can be opened and closed with human intervention; Those that work with a remote control or a button connected to the engine are automatic blinds. Automatic systems are systems that can be operated with the help of a button or remote control.

Shutter systems are used to protect places such as homes and workplaces from adverse weather conditions and to ensure their safety. Shutters, which are preferred especially in windy, stormy and rainy regions, provide protection against breakage as they are more durable than windows. Likewise, it is preferred to prevent malicious attempts from the environment.