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Automatic Barrier Systems

Automatic barrier systems ensure that the entrances and exits of vehicles are controlled in many areas such as parking lots, apartments, sites, industrial facilities. It can also be produced in intermediate lengths according to the user's request, mainly 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters. These barriers can completely close the crossing point, upon request, and can be opened to allow vehicles to pass when approved.

Automatic barrier systems can be used with remote control, card access and HGS. The opening and closing times vary according to the characteristics and the passing density of the vehicles in the area to be used. This time ranges from 1 second to 6 seconds. Automatic barriers are equipped with security packages to prevent any damage to passing vehicles. Especially safety photocell and loop detector, even if the close button is pressed while there is a car under the barrier arm, the barrier does not actuate in order to prevent damage.

Automatic barrier systems have 4 types. One of these types, cork barriers, while controlling the entrance and exit of vehicles; It is also a barrier that can allow pedestrians to enter and exit. Personal parking barriers are preferred in the open parking lot of sites, workplaces, etc. to prevent other people from parking in the parking lot reserved for the person. Chain barriers are used to control traffic in places where there is heavy traffic. Road Blocker, on the other hand, is used at the entrance of buildings that require high security and on roads that require one-way traffic.

You can contact us to get information about the most suitable barrier systems for your needs, and you can buy the most preferred barriers in the world.

Mushroom Barriers

They can allow pedestrians to enter and exit while keeping vehicle entry and exit under control.

Personal Parking Barriers

In open car parks, it prevents foreigners from parking the private car in the parking lot.

Chain Barriers

They are used to control vehicle and human traffic.

Road Blocker

It is used at the entrances of high security buildings. Wolf Trap; It is applied on roads where one-way traffic is desired.

Why should I choose?

They can be opened at high speeds like 3 seconds. Closing speed is 60% of opening speed. They provide convenience thanks to their speed, especially at the points where the entrance and exit are intense.

Barrier systems not only provide comfort but also increase the level of security. Arm barrier systems can be installed from 3 meters to 9 meters.

Have your guests arrived, you can command your door with standard remotes or long-range remotes or with the application of your smartphone, whether in your detached house or in your communal site.

You can either open it until the pedestrian crossing or open it completely for vehicle entrance. You can see the position of your door with your BiDirectional® remote.

Sometimes it can be very long. For example, when you need to go to the hospital for the birth of your spouse, the 10-15 seconds you wait while the door opens may seem too long. With HS Series fast motors, this wait can be shortened by 40%.

Moreover, thanks to the smart application with GeoLocation®, your door will open when you get as close to the door as the distance you set.

Mechanism Options

Control Options

What is an Automatic Door?

Automatic doors are doors that detect the person and open automatically when approaching the transition area. These designs, which are usually made of glass or stainless steel, provide an easy transition to the user. It opens without the need for physical power during entry or exit. These doors are preferred in hotels, hospitals, markets, airports, shopping centers and many other businesses. Because photocell doors provide various advantages to the user.

First of all, it offers advantages in terms of hygiene, since no contact is required to open automatic doors. It provides ease of use especially by disabled users. Disabled people do not have to contact with photocell doors or apply force, so they provide an easy passage. The fact that the door is opened and closed by sensing the user also protects the ambient temperature. At this point, the use of automatic doors minimizes heat loss.

Automatic garage doors, on the other hand, when entering or exiting the garage; It allows you to open and close the door without getting out of the vehicle. This convenience provides the user with superior comfort and security, especially considering bad weather conditions. In addition to the advantages such as securing the vehicle against theft and protection from bad weather conditions, it adds an aesthetic appearance to the garages.

Automatic garden gates, which are preferred in apartments, complexes or detached houses, are also systems that provide significant convenience to the user. Preventing strangers from entering, opening without contact and adding a beautiful look to the garden are just some of these conveniences.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic barrier systems vary according to the size, features and model of the product. The opening and closing time of the barrier and the width of the arm gap are among the factors affecting the price. Therefore, it is not possible to specify an exact price. You should contact us to get a price according to the area and model to be used.

These are the systems used to provide safe entry and exit and control of vehicles in parking lots. This system, which works stably, is also preferred in different areas in order to provide security and control, apart from the parking lot. airports, business places, shopping malls, estates, banks, government offices, schools can be given as examples of these areas.