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Industrial Shutter Systems

Industrial shutter systems are the name given to the doors that will provide a high-level function in buildings such as factories or warehouses. Thanks to these doors, circulation is provided in areas where intensive shipments are made such as goods entry, exit, unloading and loading. Flexibility and wind resistance are at the highest level with the double wall forming the body part of the shutter systems. Likewise, thanks to the double wall, heat and sound insulation is provided to the area in the best way.

Industrial shutter systems, which are collected from the bottom up, are collected in rolls. If there is a beam at the top, it is mounted on the forehead or the back of the beam. Thus, it does not occupy space both when opened and when collected. All four sides of the doors are optimally equipped to prevent water leakage. It provides a practical use thanks to its quick opening and closing structure. It also has a safety system against negative interference from the environment.

Industrial doors, which purify items such as cars, goods and materials from dust and protect them from hot and cold air, are manufactured in various sizes. Thanks to the doors produced according to the color of the architectural structure, workplaces can also achieve an aesthetic appearance.

While industrial shutter systems provide opening and closing comfort; it also provides superior security when the shutter is in the closed position. Therefore, you can choose these doors in areas that require high security such as warehouses, factories, warehouses, military facilities, large-volume facilities, where there are large door entrances and high performance is required.

This type of shutter, also known as industrial type or steel shutter, is moved by chain-driven shutter motors.

As HHS Automatic Door Systems, we have added value to hundreds of local and private projects in our Industrial Shutter and Steel Shutter supply, assembly and service services.

With its industrial shutter systems, it provides comfort during opening and closing hours, and provides extra security when the shutter is closed. You can get detailed information about shutter systems with HHS quality right away.

If you prioritize security and robustness in areas such as shutter-suitable doors, loading areas, entry and exit points, industrial shutter systems are for you.

HHS Automatic Door has been serving for more than 20 years with its expert staff in the field of door automation, especially shutters, steel shutters, aluminum shutters. You can contact us immediately for your Shutter discovery, and get the shutter price for the most suitable shutter system for your structure.

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Industrial shutters consist of 4 types: spiral fast pvc tarpaulin, folding fast pvc tarpaulin, sectional and rolling door. Since these doors can be produced in desired sizes and dimensions, they are used in all areas where entrances and exits are located. You can choose from a variety of industrial shutters in accordance with the architectural structure and have them custom made.

Shutter systems are robust and long-lasting door systems used for loading, unloading, closing wide openings in warehouses and special loading areas. These doors provide sound and heat insulation thanks to their strong insulation systems. The doors, which are equipped against water leakage on all four sides, have a safe security system.