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Sectional Garage Doors Project


Sectional Garage Doors Project


Sectional Garage Doors Project


Sectional Garage Doors Project

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Garage Doors Automation

Automatic garage doors are doors that are positioned at the garage entrance and have an automatic opening and closing feature. These doors, which can be opened and closed without getting out of the car and without any contact, offer a safe and comfortable use. It is necessary to have these doors in order to ensure the safety of vehicles, which are of great importance and value. Automatic garage doors are suitable for detached houses, apartments, sites, villas, business centers, etc. It is used in many areas to ensure the safety of cars. It also creates a decorative appearance in the garden by adapting to the design of the houses.

Automatic garage door models may vary due to the technique, design and materials used. Among the door models, there are rolling shutters or sectional doors depending on the condition of the area to be applied. Sectional garage doors work by placing the motor inside the door system. It performs the task of opening and closing automatically by moving up and down with its motor. Since the engine is hidden inside, it not only does not create visual pollution, but also offers an aesthetic appearance. Sectional doors are preferred in areas where the number of vehicles to pass more is high.

Roller garage doors, on the other hand, work with the feature of being rolled up behind the door. It provides the best heat and sound insulation of the area where it is used. In addition, its movements and stops are extremely smooth and silent. It has a reducer mechanism for manual use and can be easily opened and closed thanks to the reducer turning handle. Both door models are preferred for both the comfort of the user and the safety of the vehicles.

Sectional and Rolling Garage Door Automation

Automatic Garage Doors; It is designed to meet the safety, practical use and comfort requirements of detached garages.

They can be preferred as Sectional or Helical (Stor) depending on the condition of the place to be applied. sectional garage doors; They work with the logic of opening the structure by making it parallel to the ceiling by means of wheels inside the rails.

The weight of the door is balanced by the torsion springs and manual operation also gives the user the opportunity to open it easily.

Roller garage doors work with the logic of wrapping the door curtain behind the beam. It is applied with tubular motors. There are built-in reducer mechanisms for manual use. The reducer can be opened and closed with the help of the turning handle.

Special applications are made in mass housing projects. Applications suitable for frequent use can be made with counterweight (spring) for rolling shutters and tandem (double) wheels for sectional garage doors.

Crown your vehicle enjoyment with the automatic garage door experience.

Why should I choose?

You will not waste time in front of the garage to reach your house. With security control systems, you can open your door from the distance you see. After you pass, it will turn itself off at the end of the time you set. With the new generation Nice LoRa® controls, you can control your door from a distance of up to 1 km*. You can control over the internet with MyNice® applications.
In cold weather conditions, snow or rain, you can control your door from the seat of your car with your remote or smart phone. With MyNice®, your door will open when you get as close to your house as the distance you set with your smartphone’s location information. It doesn’t matter which way you approach.
An automatic gate increases the value of your property. It raises the perception of security. Thanks to the reducer in the motor systems, your door is locked as soon as it is closed. It cannot be opened manually. It won’t open unless you take it manually with the key or press the remote.
Perhaps the biggest advantage of automatic garden gates is that you can pass through your gate without being affected by outside weather conditions. In rainy weather, you can give a command to your door from inside your vehicle. If you want, you can even do it by talking to your car’s CarPlay® feature with Siri®.

Control by Smartphone

Wouldn't you like to see your door open waiting for you when you come home? Or checking that your door is closed when you're not home. With Nice, you can control your door from anywhere and monitor its status. Whether with a smart phone or a smart watch. When you approach your home by speaking to Siri® or using your location information. Now a single app is available for Android and iOS.

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Which garage door should I choose?

Sectional Door Panel Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a detail on the rail of the motor, the automatic garage door is taken to the manual opening position. There is a drawstring ratchet on the motor rail. When there is a power cut, this rope is pulled and the door is opened manually. The automatic garage door can also be operated manually from the outside. It can be opened from the outside using the manual option retrieval kit.

Automatic garage door prices vary according to the size, color and material structure of the doors. User's taste and demand can also affect the price. However, there are automatic garage doors that offer superior quality and use to suit every budget.